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The logo symbolises the best of the natural paradise called the Maldives. The positioning and font style of the word ‘Maldives’ indicates the breezy spirit and thrill of a holiday in this amazing island country.

‘M’ and ‘I’ of the word Maldives are coloured red, aptly symbolising Maldivian energy and pioneering spirit which has transformed this country into the magical paradise that it is today.

The destination comprises thousands of jewel-like islands surrounded by clear turquoise waters, seen in the colour blue colour of some of the letters in the logo. The pristine white shimmering sands of the islands are represented by the colour white in the logo. The colour also stands for the frothy white of the waves which gently lap the shores of the endless beaches.

The Maldives is a superb destination for water sports. The waves are ideal for water sport activities and all resorts provide holiday-makers with every imaginable facility to enjoy innumerable activities like surfing, snorkelling, diving, cruising, fishing, etc. The water sport experience is depicted in the image of the surfer in the logo.

This magazine serves to showcase the unique features of the Maldives as an ideal destination for travellers from all over the globe – a place that ensures privacy, luxury, entertainment and adventure for that dream holiday.


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