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Touch of the Caribbean

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The newly opened Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort in the Noonu Atoll offers deluxe wellness to the clients. From November 2008 onwards this Maldives Island resort will also offer Caribbean flair with the exquisite specialties brought by Ligne St. Barth, a company producing exclusive high-quality care products based on plants.

Only 91 nautical miles from Malé International Airport is an endless stretch of unspoilt nature. Even the very first impressions of this dreamy island stir feelings of repose and calmness. Tradition combined with luxury, pure relaxation and an unusual holiday concept is what the Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort is all about. It is an ideal place to pull back and perfectly suited to those freshly fallen in love, newlyweds, families and stressed business-people. The spa’s unique “Sleep Concept”, for example, has been conceived to help adults and children relax, fall asleep and slumber restfully. With exceptional treatments, teas, breathing techniques, special pillows and music, stressed adults and children are enticed to participate in the program “Sweet Dreams” as a way to find deep and relaxing sleep.

The jewel and pride of the resort is, without a doubt, the spa area. On an area of ca. 1,200 square metres that is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, guests can indulge in their personal inner kingdom. The spa’s philosophy is based on the Sun as a central element. The wellness regimen is intended to unfold its warming, youth-enhancing effects, encouraged through relaxing treatments that harmonise body, spirit and soul.

A total of 20 pavilions have been designed for the respective forms of treatment, which are based on traditional and holistic methods, viz, the teachings of the Five Elements, Ayurveda, and yoga and meditation. Additional services offered are a beauty and hair salon, sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi. The exclusive Caribbean treatments and products by Ligne St Barth allow guests to indulge in a sensual Caribbean atmosphere.

The peculiarity of Ligne St Barth spa treatments is that they gently support natural skin towards regeneration. Fresh ingredients, papaya, pineapple and cucumber-puree are mixed together with the exquisite Ligne St Barth elixirs while the guest watches. The fresh ingredients and fragrances plus the pure, premium oils have a very pleasant and nurturing effect on the body, spirit and soul.

The Sun Spa at Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort is the first of the three Sun Spas in the Maldives that will offer the Caribbean Ligne St. Barth treatments as of November 2008.

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