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Naladhu's Good Weather Pledge

The Naladhu experience is one that embodies perfection.. A place where special touches come as standard and nothing is left to chance. But, of course, not even Naladhu can stop the rain from falling. So, with this in mind, Naladhu is launching its new Good Weather Pledge with guests receiving a $600 credit for every day it rains during their stay. The Naladhu Good Weather Pledge is valid from September 19 to December 19, 2008 and will give guests a credit of $600 if it rains for more than 3 hours between sunrise and sunset. Special Naladhu Escape Rates will be available throughout the promotion period.

Ensconced on a private island in the idyllic Maldives archipelago, Naladhu is more than a luxury accommodation experience. Inspired by a temperate tropical climate and the native dwellings of the Indian Ocean islands, Naladhu is a collection just 19 Beach and Ocean Houses all offering a lifestyle that can be as inclusive or exclusive as a guest desires. Each House comes with its own House Master to cater for every delight and indulge every whim.

To qualify for this promotion, guests need to quote “Good weather promo Naladhu, Maldives’ when making the reservation.

Tel: +960 664-1888
E-mail: info@naladhu.com


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